The Meaning of the Planets in Vedic Astrology


Meaning of the Sun

Sun represents the following: Sunday, the father, masculine nature, career and profession, personal success, health and physical well being, physical constitution, fire element, courage, prestige, power, influence, sense of self, self-reliance; government or king, rulership, politics, will, individuality, identity, self-confidence, soul, and life purpose.


Meaning of the Moon

Moon represents the following: Monday, the mother, nurturing, feminine nature, females and female things, breasts, female reproductive area, beauty, mind, desire, instincts, personality, emotions, clothing and fashion, water element, the ocean, herbs and plants, intoxicants, the sea and its products.


Meaning of Mercury

Mercury represents the following: Wednesday, intellect, discrimination, learning and knowledge, education, eloquence, proficiency in the arts, writing, nerves and the nervous system, sense of humor, proficiency in languages, communication, business acumen, the earth element, media, multi-media, internet, books, films, and television.


Meaning of Mars

Mars represents the following: Tuesday, energy and action, masculine nature, brothers and sisters, fire element, strength, desires and urges, courage and bravery, anger, frustration, resentment, criticism, action versus reaction, bold deeds versus unlawful deeds, independence, weapons and sharp instruments, firearms and pyrotechnics, military, police, fire department, rescue, sports and athletics and competition.


Meaning of Venus

Venus represents the following: Friday, females and female things, feminine nature, love, romance, sexuality, sensuality, relationship, marriage, proficiency in the arts, artistic and creative talent, charm, charisma, magnetism, harmony, pleasures, sensory enjoyment, abundance, wealth and possessions, beauty and decoration, epicurean tastes, advice, counsel, and water element.


Meaning of Jupiter

Jupiter represents the following: Thursday, money and wealth, children, education, teacher, wisdom and insight, faith and spirituality, meditation and philosophy, guru or spiritual teacher, happiness and fulfillment, optimism, counsel, advice, therapy, custom and tradition, religious rituals and sacred ceremonies, respect for superiors, virtue and ethics, compassion, benevolence, truthfulness, space or etheric element, sense control, blessings, abundance and good karma.


Meaning of Saturn

Saturn represents the following: Saturday, patience, perseverance, longevity, death, delay, obstacles, difficulties to be overcome, form and structure, sorrow, fear, treachery, labor, hard work, servitude, theft, loss, imprisonment, punishment, indebtedness, sickness, poverty, humiliation, darkness, depression, despondency, professional success, life after 40, air element, detachment, renunciation, austerity, penance, sacrifice, philosophy, introspection, contemplation, meditation, reflection, fate and destiny.


Meaning of Rahu

Rahu represents the following: North Node of the Moon — the Dragon’s Head, renunciation, detachment, loss, crime, impurity, arrogance, untruth, poisons, incarceration, hypnotism, epidemics, transition, insecurity, upheaval, serpents, searching and wandering, the quest, dereliction, vagabond, homelessness, foreign things, air element, secrecy, anti-social behavior and alienation, jealousy and hatred. Rahu is commonly understood to reflect the same qualities as Saturn.


Meaning of Ketu

Ketu represents the following: South Node of the Moon — the Dragon’s Tail, weapons and sharp instruments, pain, occult, witchcraft, mysticism, philosophy, salvation, great penance, fallacious reasoning, illusion and false knowledge, slaughter and butchery, cheating and hustling, slavery, imprisonment, severe penalties and punishment, hysteria, madness, serpents, betrayal, violent death, fire element, epidemics, firearms and pyrotechnics. Ketu is commonly understood to reflect the same qualities as Mars.