The Meaning of the Saturn in Vedic Astrology


Meaning of the Saturn

Saturn represents the following: Saturday, patience, perseverance, longevity, death, delay, obstacles, difficulties to be overcome, form and structure, sorrow, fear, treachery, labor, hard work, servitude, theft, loss, imprisonment, punishment, indebtedness, sickness, poverty, humiliation, darkness, depression, despondency, professional success, life after 40, air element, detachment, renunciation, austerity, penance, sacrifice, philosophy, introspection, contemplation, meditation, reflection, fate and destiny.

SATURN, the Servant

Saturn is the servant of the planetary cabinet and represents the following: patience, slow movement, perseverance, longevity, death, form and structure, sorrow, fear, treachery, poverty, humiliation, darkness, labor, servitude, theft, loss, malevolence, imprisonment, punishment, indebtedness, sickness, detachment, renunciation, austerity, penance, philosophy, introspection, contemplation, fate and destiny, old age, coldness, dryness, lethargy, profession, transport, prisons, machinery, construction workers, carpenters, miners, masons, real estate agents, mechanics, laborers, vendors, ascetics, monks, hermits, social servants, psychosomatic problems, coal, iron, steel, lead, blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, the air element and the western direction.

Saturn rules the hair, nails, teeth, bones, skin and the nervous system.

An afflicted Saturn in one’s birth chart can cause paralysis, rheumatism, ear problems, deafness, muteness, depression, anxiety, colic, asthma, neurosis or insanity,

A favorably placed Saturn in one’s birth chart can bestow patience and perseverance, the ability to lead, power and position, fame, long life, organizational skills, sincerity, honesty, love of justice, spirituality, conscience, detachment and asceticism. 

When Saturn is weak in the birth chart, it can bring premature aging, sorrow, disappointment, delay, difficulties, failure, destruction and death. It can make a person undisciplined, irresponsible, addicted, lonely and fearful. It can lead to accidents, suicide, humiliation, lawsuits and disputes, unjustified blame, enmity, prison time, pessimism, defensiveness, nervousness and bad karma.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Saturn rules vata or the physical constitution dominated by the elements of air/ether.

Saturn’s vehicle is a vulture, the bird that lives on dead bodies. In his hands he holds the sword of lawlessness and terrorism, and the reins of the vulture of old age that lives on the memory of days gone by.