The Meaning of the Sun in Vedic Astrology


Meaning of the Sun

Sun represents the following: Sunday, the father, masculine nature, career and profession, personal success, health and physical well being, physical constitution, fire element, courage, prestige, power, influence, sense of self, self-reliance; government or king, rulership, politics, will, individuality, identity, self-confidence, soul, and life purpose.

SUN, the King

The Sun is the king of the planetary cabinet and represents the following: Sunday, men, the masculine nature, assertiveness, independence, power of will, illumination, protection, preservation, self-confidence, the intellect, the father, father figures, authority, authority figures, career and profession, personal success, success in worldly affairs, ambition, fame, courage, prestige, power, influence, self-reliance, the government, government officials, kings, royal families, rich and famous people, rulership, politics, executives, temples, churches and holy places, ruby, garnet, gold, copper, the color red, fire, and the east direction. 

The Sun represents health, well-being, strong physical constitution, vitality, the immune system and power of resistance, doctors, healers, and the knowledge of medicine. The Sun rules the heart, the brain and the bones.

An afflicted Sun in the birth chart can result in high or low blood pressure, indigestion, fevers, hemorrhage, heart problems, eruptions on the face, and diseases of the head.

In Ayurvedic medicine, he rules pitta or the physical constitution dominated by the fire element.

When the Sun is weak in the birth chart, it brings failure, pessimism, sorrow, disgrace or poverty.

The Sun is the soul of the cosmic man. The Sun god or lord of light is said to drive a chariot pulled by seven horses representing the seven rays of the light spectrum.