The Meaning of the Mars in Vedic Astrology


Meaning of the Mars

Mars represents the following: Tuesday, energy and action, masculine nature, brothers and sisters, fire element, strength, desires and urges, courage and bravery, anger, frustration, resentment, criticism, action versus reaction, bold deeds versus unlawful deeds, independence, weapons and sharp instruments, firearms and pyrotechnics, military, police, fire department, rescue, sports and athletics and competition.

MARS, the Commander-in-Chief

Mars is the commander-in-chief of the planetary cabinet and as such, represents the following: Tuesday, men, the masculine nature, assertiveness, forcefulness, independence, energy and action, strength, muscular strength, courage and bravery, warrior nature, combative nature, athletes and athletics, conquest, competition, victory, challenge, adventure, pioneer spirit, brothers and sisters, violence and aggression, desires and urges, impulse, anger, frustration, resentment, unlawful deeds, cuts, burns, bruises, weapons and sharp instruments, firearms and pyrotechnics, commanders, generals, soldiers, policemen, those who are fond law and order and arrangement, technical and mechanical abilities, builders, designers, engineers, surgeons. muscular system, blood, fiery, dry, red coral, copper, the color red, the spectral color yellow, fire, the south direction

In Ayurvedic medicine, he rules pitta or the physical constitution dominated by the fire element.

An afflicted Mars in a birth chart may cause rashes, disorders of the blood and bile, cuts, wounds, electric shocks, gunshots, knife wounds, burns, bruises, anger, hatred, infections, hemorrhoids, ulcers, fevers, poisoning, surgical operations and head wounds.

The preferred vehicle of the god Mars is a ram. He carries in his hands a lance, a spear and a club, all of which symbolize strength, protection and a warrior nature.