The Meaning of the Jupiter in Vedic Astrology


Meaning of the Jupiter

Jupiter represents the following: Thursday, money and wealth, children, education, teacher, wisdom and insight, faith and spirituality, meditation and philosophy, guru or spiritual teacher, happiness and fulfillment, optimism, counsel, advice, therapy, custom and tradition, religious rituals and sacred ceremonies, respect for superiors, virtue and ethics, compassion, benevolence, truthfulness, space or etheric element, sense control, blessings, abundance and good karma.

JUPITER, the Spiritual Minister

Jupiter is the spiritual minister or spiritual master of the planetary cabinet who gives more than he receives. He is the guru to the gods and represents the following: Thursday, money and wealth, children and offspring, education, wisdom and insight, faith and spirituality, meditation and philosophy, optimism, happiness and fulfillment, jovial or good nature, counsel and advice, respect for superiors and those deserving of respect, counseling, virtue and ethics, moral values, compassion, kindness, charity, benevolence, truthfulness, sense control, blessings and good karma, priests, teachers, religious teachers, saints, holy persons, lawyers, doctors, therapists, people with high ambitions, politicians, ministers, long distance travel, yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, yellow citrine, gold, the color yellow, the spectral color blue, the etheric element and the northeast direction.

Jupiter rules over the liver, the thighs, circulation of blood in the arteries and fat within the body.

If favorably placed in one’s birth chart, Jupiter bestows name, fame, success, honor, wealth, progeny and a good relationship with one’s children.

An afflicted Jupiter can result in liver ailments, hypoglycemia, jaundice, dyspepsia, disorders of the pancreas, excess phlegm, abscesses, swelling and tuberculosis.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Jupiter rules kapha or the physical constitution dominated by the elements of earth/water.

If Jupiter is weak in the birth chart, a person may become an extremist. He may be overly generous and extravagant which may lead to debt and pursuit by creditors. Money may be wasted in poorly advised speculative ventures or gambling. He may harbor false hopes and indulge in unrealistic schemes, thus becoming a victim of his own arrogance and self-importance. He may be afflicted by greed, gluttony and obesity.

Jupiter is the intellect and speech of the cosmic man. He is depicted riding atop a white elephant. In his hands, he holds a scroll representing divine wisdom and a discus or chakra of Vishnu with which he destroys illusion.