The Meaning of the Moon in Vedic Astrology


Meaning of the Moon

Moon represents the following: Monday, the mother, nurturing, feminine nature, females and female things, breasts, female reproductive area, beauty, mind, desire, instincts, personality, emotions, clothing and fashion, water element, the ocean, herbs and plants, intoxicants, the sea and its products.

MOON, the Queen

The Moon is the queen of the planetary cabinet and represents the following: Monday, women, the feminine nature, females and female things, the mother, nurturing, mothering, growth, fertility, conception, childbirth, infancy, the breasts, compassion, tender-heartedness, travel, cooking and catering, nursing and midwifery, comfort, beauty, the subconscious mind, the emotions, peace of mind, the imagination, receptivity, sensitivity, intuition, change, fickleness, mood swings, eyesight, milk, grains, liquids, clothing and fashion, herbs, potions, medicines, intoxicants, the sea and its products, the tides, fishing, plants, horticulture, coldness, moisture, pearl, moonstone, silver, the color white, the spectral color orange, water, and the north direction.

Since the Moon only reflects the light of the Sun, it acts like a large crystal transformer, converting hot solar energy into cool, nurturing and mothering lunar energy and beaming it down to the earth.

In Ayurvedic medicine, the Moon rules kapha or the physical constitution of earth and water.

An afflicted Moon in the birth chart can result in colds, coughs, eye ailments, madness, epilepsy, hysteria, colic, intestinal disorders, throat problems, bronchitis and cancer.

People who have an afflicted Moon in their birth charts find material happiness or happiness in life difficult to achieve. It can also result in physical weakness or sickness in infancy and early childhood

The Moon god represents the mind of the cosmic man. He is said to hold the reins of a deer upon which he rides. This represents his control over the psyche or subconscious, symbolized by the deer.