The Meaning of the Venus in Vedic Astrology


Meaning of the Venus

Venus represents the following: Friday, females and female things, feminine nature, love, romance, sexuality, sensuality, relationship, marriage, proficiency in the arts, artistic and creative talent, charm, charisma, magnetism, harmony, pleasures, sensory enjoyment, abundance, wealth and possessions, beauty and decoration, epicurean tastes, advice, counsel, and water element.

VENUS, the Material Minister

Venus is the material or mundane minister of the planetary cabinet and represents the following: Friday, females and female things, virgins, love, romance, marriage, sexuality, sensuality, passion, eroticism, the bedroom, love matters, sense pleasures, hedonism, epicurean tastes, proficiency in the arts, music, musicianship, singing, dance, theatre, acting, poetry, counseling and advice, charm, beauty and attractiveness, cosmetics and decoration, comforts, luxuries, jewelry and ornamentation, precious gems, gentleness, refinement, harmony, pleasures, abundance, wealth, prosperity, possessions, springtime, rains, diamond, natural zirconium, silver, the color white, the spectral color indigo, water, and the southeast direction.

In the body, he rules the reproductive system, the semen, the ovum, and the kidneys.

Venus also rules over the science of mantra or spiritual sound vibration, prayer, tantra, hypnotism, mesmerism, spells, medicinal potions, alchemy, the spiritual sciences and scriptural understanding.

When Venus is well placed in one’s birth chart, it bestows wealth, comforts and attraction to and from the opposite sex. Such a person will have a well-proportioned body and attractive features which lend themselves to sensuality and its fulfillment. One will wear jewelry and enjoy ornamentation, decoration, fragrances, perfumes, oils and essences, well prepared food and the fine arts. Such a person may be inspired to be a poet, artist or musician, as well as a seeker of truth and knowledge.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Venus rules kapha or the physical constitution dominated by the elements of earth/water.

Venus is depicted riding a white horse similar to a romantic hero. He is famous as the teacher of the those who are ruled by their egos, that is, materialistic people. In his hands he holds scrolls since he is the author of books of wisdom and knowledge and a sword to overcome obstacles and destroy ignorance.