Birth Chart Consultation

Your birth chart is the map of your karma and what you can expect through the course of this lifetime. Drew looks at the soul’s journey - who you are, your life purpose, what you are trying to accomplish in this lifetime, what you need to learn and how your karma is unfolding through your personal periods of planetary influence (or cycles).


Astrological Updates

This is only offered to existing clients who have had an initial reading with Drew. Once yearly or more frequently if you prefer, we can do an astrological update for you.


Question Charts

Another effective area of Vedic Astrological Consultation is Question Charts. People sometimes like to know how things are potentially going to work out.


Relationship Compatibility

Relationship Compatibility with Spouse, Partner or Lover. Do opposites attract? Perhaps. But only harmonious or like-minded people can sustain their attraction.

Success Charts

A Success Chart calculates the best time to begin any endeavor, such as starting a new business, making a career change, getting married, moving to a new place, buying property, etc.


Are you thinking of moving or relocating to a different city or country? Wouldn't it be valuable to know if such a move will be good for you overall — whether it will be the right move at the right time? An Astro-Cartography World Map Consultation can tell you how well you will fare in a new location anywhere on earth or specifically, what locations may be best for you.