Birth Chart Consultation

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, is the original system of astrology dating back to 3000 BC, India. It comes from the Vedas or books of knowledge which deal with the science of karma, yoga, reincarnation and self-realization. Your birth chart is the map of your karma and what you can expect through the course of this lifetime.

Drew looks at the soul's journey - who you are, your life purpose, what you are trying to accomplish in this lifetime, what you need to learn and how your karma is unfolding through your personal periods of planetary influence (or cycles).

He sees what works for you in your life and what doesn't and why it doesn't. He may take into account your past lives as they pertain to and affect you in this lifetime.

A consultation is about one hour in length over the phone or in person. You are provided with an MP3 file as an email attachment or CD of the consultation. Many people have confirmed that each time they listen to their consultation recording, they get more out of it.

When should you have your Vedic Astrological Chart analyzed?

* When you want a deeper understanding of your life's purpose

* When you're on the verge of making important life decisions

* When you want confirmation regarding your direction in life and your intuition about yourself

* When you feel stuck, stagnant, or unable to move forward in life

* When you keep repeating similar unsatisfactory patterns or behavior in particular areas of your life

* When you want to understand your major karmic lessons

* When you want to confirm your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses

* When you want to become aware of your karmic timetable and how it's unfolding, and work in harmony with it

* When you feel like you're going through personal change or accelerated transformation

* When you want to go through personal change or accelerated transformation

* When you want to know when particular events are likely to happen in your life

Available over the phone or in person.

Cost: $300 US or 225 Euros. Duration: About one hour.

Information required:

1. Your Name

2. Your Date of Birth

3. Your Time of Birth, including a.m. or p.m.

4. Your Place of Birth (City or Town, State, Country)