Astrological Updates

This is only offered to existing clients who have had an initial reading with Drew. Once yearly or more frequently if you prefer, we can do an astrological update for you. This is meant to focus more specifically on what planetary periods and planetary transits are coming up in your life and what they mean for you in greater detail.

This takes into account Detailed Planetary Periods. These are Major, Minor and Sub periods of influence. What you can expect from these periods and predictions of events based on these periods will be offered during an update.

Over time, your life will naturally have changed and an update is a great opportunity to put the changing reality into perspective, astrologically speaking. In addition, Drew will reveal where the planets are in the sky at that time which are known as planetary transits. These powerful influences can also affect your life and plans in a dynamic way.

The information offered in an update is more specific and detailed in various areas of your life. We can also look at any particular issues that you may be grappling with at the time, such as relationships, career change, health problems, or a relocation of home or change of business. An update can be scheduled in person or over the phone.

Cost: $300.00 US. Duration: About one hour.