Question Charts

Another effective area of Vedic Astrological Consultation is Question Charts. People sometimes like to know how things are potentially going to work out. You want to know what's likely to happen if you go forward with a relationship, start a business, buy a particular property, attend a course or enroll in school, bring in a new business partner, etc.

Question Charts

To do a Question Chart, we calculate a chart for the moment you ask a particular question. Its effectiveness is based on the idea that every moment within universal time has within it the seeds of its resultant outcome. It is predicated on the belief that there is no such thing as an accident. Nothing happens by chance.

A chart is calculated to determine where all the planets are in the sky for that time at which you submit your questions. Why is the moment that you ask the question important? Because it's a starting point, no different from the moment of your birth which outlines your entire life. In other words, it will show the potential outcome of your question.

You will need to give the date, time and place where you are actually located when you ask your questions.

It is offered only through email.

Cost: $50.00 US or 50 Euros for one question. You can ask up to 6 questions at a time. For example, two questions would be $100 or 3 questions would be $150.

Information required:

1. Your specific question. For example:

- Will a relationship with John work out for me?

- What is the potential of having Rich as a business partner?

- Should I buy the property at Lake Bounty?

- What would be the potential of moving to New York?

- If I put my house on the market at this time, will it sell?

2. Date of your question

3. Time of your question, including a.m. or p.m.

4. Place you are at when asking your question (City or Town, State, Country)