Compatibility Charts

Relationship Compatibility with Spouse, Partner or Lover

Do opposites attract? Perhaps. But only harmonious or like-minded people can sustain their attraction. If you think this is untrue, then consider the divorce rate in the Western world— around 50 percent! Assuming you're like most people who marry with the intent of staying married to the same person, then you would benefit greatly from a Relationship Compatibility Chart.

You don't need a Relationship Compatibility Chart to tell you whether or not you enjoyed yourself last night on your date. But if you're considering a long-term relationship, then a Relationship Compatibility Chart will point out the harmonious planetary positions, the strengths, the weaknesses and the pitfalls between the two people involved.

Does it work? They have been doing it in India for hundreds of years and the divorce rate there is less than 20 percent. It is very useful if you're planning on spending a long time or a lifetime with your loved one.

A Compatibility Chart can be scheduled in person or over the phone.

Cost: $300.00 US or 225 Euros. Duration: About one hour

Information required:

1. Date of Birth of you and your partner

2. Time of Birth of you and your partner, including a.m. or p.m.

3. Place of Birth of you and your partner (City or Town, State, Country)