Welcome to Drew Lawrence Consultation. World-renowned consultant and advisor, Drew Lawrence, offers services, articles and insights into planetary events with a focus on personal growth and business development. On this site you will find a fresh approach and unique perspective regarding Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, Human Potential, Business and Corporate Strategy, Guided Healing Meditation, Enlightened Vedic Culture, Female Empowerment, Relationships and more. Drew is a renowned author, consultant, speaker, visionary and Sanskrit scholar.


Personal Services

Using Vedic Astrological calculation, Drew Lawrence has helped thousands of people discover their life purpose, realize their greatest potential, understand their major lessons, strengths and weakness in this lifetime, and pinpoint specific dates regarding the unfolding of their destiny.

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Business Services

To maximize your business strategy and success, Drew Lawrence offers a multitude of Vedic Astrological services to help you make the right decisions. Fortune 500 executives regularly consult Drew Lawrence for his sound business advice.

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Read Articles by Drew Lawrence on various topics, including Vedic Culture and Astrology, Female Empowerment and Relationships, as well as Human Potential and Spiritual Development.


Guided Healing Meditation

Guided Healing Meditation with Drew Lawrence

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