The Meaning of the Houses in Vedic Astrology


Meaning of the 1st House

The first house represents you, the self, general appearance, the birth itself, bodily constitution, overall strength or weakness of the birth chart, fundamental nature & belief, positive or negative attitude, good or bad intention, confidence or diffidence, status, honor or dishonor, livelihood, recognition, vitality.


Meaning of the 2nd House

The second house represents accumulated wealth, efforts for acquiring wealth, marital family happiness, enjoyment of food, the power, quality & articulation of speech, truth or falsehood, generosity or miserliness, facial beauty & luster.


Meaning of 3rd House

The third house represents courage and fearlessness, short trips, physical and mental ability, friends and companions, siblings, power, stamina, strength, correspondence and communication, books, publications, media, library, writing, papers & documents, large undertakings, enterprises, talents, abilities, inclination. It is the house of self-improvement through one’s own efforts.


Meaning of 4th House

The fourth house represents home and family environment, the mother, happiness and hope, emotion, inclination of heart, houses, residence, lands and properties, vehicles, possessions, clothes, ornaments, kingdom, belief, faith, confidence.


Meaning of 5th House

The fifth house represents intelligence, discretion, advisory power, teaching, good karma and the results of good actions, last birth, talent, authorship, followers, artistry and creativity, business enterprise, entrepreneurship, children, entertainment, spiritual knowledge, gambling, lottery, speculation, investment, stock market, love affairs,


Meaning of 6th House

The sixth house represents enemies, competitors, disease, debts, worries, problems, fear, injuries, vices and bad habits, thieves, handicaps & obstacles, battles, lawsuits, disgrace, miserliness, subordinate position, employees, subordinates, inferiors, tenants, foreign elements,


Meaning of 7th House

The seventh house represents the spouse, marriage and divorce, partnerships, journeys, sexual desire and enjoyment, sexual affairs, opponents and opposition, battles, litigation, legal matters, business, trade and commerce, the public and people.


Meaning of 8th House

The eighth house represents death, longevity, calamities, accidents, obstacles and impediments, failure, self-undoing, self-sabotage, guilt and punishment, victimhood, martyrdom, delays, defeat, tragedy, arrest and detention, destruction, poor reputation, dishonor, scandal, will, inheritance, legacy, estates, insurance coverage, insurance settlements, corruption, investigation, research, smuggling, espionage, spying, undercover work, invention, discovery, innovation, disappointment and depression, anxieties, suicide, prosecution, persecution, mystery, mysticism, sacrifice, privation, austerity.


Meaning of 9th House

The ninth house represents morality, ethics, virtue, piety, good conduct, spiritual sacrifice, the father, the guru, spiritual initiation, benevolence, dharma, religion, faith in God, devotion to God, foreign travel, international affairs, governments, diplomacy, superiors, favor from superiors, noble families, judges, law, justice, liberality, broad-mindedness, acceptance & inclusiveness, good fortune, wealth, prosperity, fame, dignity, blessings, good karma, merit, providential help, hand of God, divine intervention, destiny, wisdom, realization, enlightenment, epiphany.


Meaning of 10th House

The tenth house represents action, occupation, success, livelihood, business and commerce, employers, dignity, eminence, power, position, status, promotion, popularity, public life, respect, courage, authority, ambition, career inclination, government.


Meaning of 11th House

The eleventh house represents acquisition, income, profit and gain, wealth, prosperity, accomplishment and fulfillment, progress, hopes and aspirations, friends, associates, supporters, admirers, power and influence, commendation, recognition, awards, praise, name, fame, acclaim.


Meaning of 12th House

The twelfth house represents loss, expenditure, anxiety, affliction, mental distress, envy, fear, suspicion, limitation, self-undoing, trials and tribulations, unexpected trouble, crime, bad deeds, sin, vice, conspiracy, deception, fraud, intrigue, kidnapping, smuggling, criminal schemes, treachery, extravagance and expenditure, bankruptcy, punishment, imprisonment, restriction, foreign places, foreign travel, charity and philanthropy, detachment, atonement, spiritual liberation, solitude, seclusion, exile, hospital, jail, sexual pleasures, sleep, insomnia.