The Meaning of the Signs in Vedic Astrology


Meaning of Aries

Movable, fire element, energy, activity, impulse, enthusiasm, many changes, courage, enterprise, daring, outspoken, decisive, ambition, self-reliance, confidence, love of freedom and independence, resents restriction, zealous, lacks self-restraint, inclined to sports and physical culture, pioneer, trail-blazer and adventurer.


Meaning of Taurus

Fixed, earth element, love, affection, pleasure, beauty, art, dress and decoration, elegance, calm, self-containment, firmness, strong will, harmony, practicality, perseverance, persistence, patience, reserved, lacks adaptability, obstinacy, not easily influenced, fixed opinions, strong feelings and desires, fond of comfort.


Meaning of Gemini

Mutable, air element, mental abilities, active mind, intellect, writing, studying, speaking, learning, ingenuity, genius, many ideas, invention, education, knowledge, reason, understanding, language, science, travel, adaptability, versatility, lacks concentration and perseverance, irresolution, vacillation, changeable, worry, irritation, humanity, sympathy, shyness, nervousness.


Meaning of Cancer

Movable, water element, sensitivity, reception, perception, feelings, emotions, overly emotional or emotionally attached, domestic nature, warm affections, easily influenced by those you admire, impressionable, active imagination, prudent, cautious, changeful.


Meaning of Leo

Fixed, fire element, candid and direct, honor, magnanimity, generosity, dignity, self-confidence, authority, ambition, mastery, large undertakings, kingship, pride, ostentation, drama, warm heart, ardent affections, faithful, compassionate, sympathetic, protective, strong will, persistence, hopeful, optimistic, fond of pleasure, and prefers to give orders.


Meaning of Virgo

Mutable, earth element, quiet, modesty, reserve, careful, prudence, forethought, sympathetic, kind, intellectual strength and abilities, studious, logic, reasoning, adept in science or literature, practical, methodical, skilful, detail-oriented, worry, vacillation, diffidence, subordination, healing ability, sacrifice and service to others.


Meaning of Libra

Movable, air element, courteous, likeable, kind, strong feelings and affections, intelligent, sociable, refinement, beauty, order, art, elegance, harmony, imagination, changeable, inconstant, many changes, companionship, friendship, partnership, association, marriage, business acumen, and works best in partnerships.


Meaning of Scorpio

Fixed, water element, strong, forceful, decisive, emphatic ideas and opinions, courage, controversial, iconoclast, self-reliant, responsible, strong likes and dislikes, intense feelings, guilt-ridden, victim or martyr, fixed opinions, endurance, persistence, pride, dignity, anger and over-reaction, combative, positive or negative criticism, sarcastic, resourceful, practical, brusque, ambitious, masterful, mystical, secretive.


Meaning of Sagittarius

Mutable, fire element, honorable, candid, open-minded, generous, sympathetic, truthful, just, likes order, precision, correctness, loves freedom and independence, active, restless, optimistic, inclined to sports and physical culture, impulsive, ceremonious, prefers protocol, benevolent, versatile, reverent, religious or spiritual.


Meaning of Capricorn

Movable, earth element, quiet, steadiness, perseverance, patience, seriousness, melancholy, practical, self-control, strong will, economy, frugality, practicality, caution, ambition, management and administration, respected, honored, recognized, reserved, restrained, faithful, prefers big schemes and undertakings.


Meaning of Aquarius

Fixed, air element, active mind, intellectual, science, literature or art, strong opinions, strong will, technological, progressive, forward thinking, cutting edge, patient, persevering, quiet determination, self-contained, many friends, popular, well-liked, influential, sociable, socially conscious, committed to making the world a better place, and keeps own counsel.


Meaning of Pisces

Mutable, water element, sensitive or overly sensitive, perceptive, intuitive, psychic, seer or visionary, mystic, alienated, dispossessed, misunderstood, unrecognized, outcaste or pariah, foreigner, sympathetic, benevolent, empathetic, helpful, friendly, committed to making the world a better place, imaginative, impressionable, emotional, music, painting, literature, theater, easy-going, good natured, well disposed to others, beauty, refinement, dignity, pride, etiquette, harmony, sensitive, intuitive, receptive, shy, reserved, timid, self-contained, modest, introverted