Histories, tales, Biblical events and Vedic scriptures all enumerate the usage and value of gemstones. In old accounts, entire robes worn by kings were said to be covered with brilliant stones. The Turks attached amber to the tips of their pipes to prevent infection when smoking. The Greeks believed that to drink wine from an amethyst goblet would prevent intoxication. Coral was worn by the Romans as a charm against lightning, tempest, shipwreck and fire. It was regarded as a protection against envious persons. Coral would warn its wearer of sickness by losing its color which would return when health returned to its wearer.

In Rome, the wealthy patricians would drink from cups make of rock crystal. When Pompey returned to Rome in triumph, thirty-three crowns fashioned chiefly of pearl were carried aloft in the procession. Ruby was regarded as an antidote for poison and as a defense against plague because of its blood purifying properties. Blue sapphire was considered by the Greeks to have the power to ensure chastity in one’s spouse. It was also believed to be a protection against evil and dark forces and to protect its wearer from captivity. Emerald was thought to have the power to restore tired or weakened eyesight. It was believed that serpents would be blinded by looking upon an emerald./p>

In ancient times, kings and queens would wear precious gems on the posts of their crowns which were known as the crown jewels. They wore such gems on their crowns not only because they were beautiful and valuable but also because they served as a sort of antennae to pick up the electromagnetic vibrations from the planets and transmit them by means of a conducting metal, such as gold, directly into their heads. The effect of this would be to sharpen their minds and bring clarity and insight to their thinking and decision-making ability.

Another amazing example of the power of gemstones is the Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond actually came from a crown which adorned the head of a deity or worshipable statue of the goddess, Sita, in a temple in South India. It’s size is almost forty-six carats and its color is pale blue. It is currently displayed in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

This peerless diamond, technically belonging to the goddess, Sita, was stolen by thieves. All who then came into contact with it as it was passed from thief to thief, died a very sudden, violent, unexpected, and horrible death. Why? Because it had a curse on it? No. Because it was so powerful in a positive sense, that it had the opposite effect on any who could not accommodate such positive and powerful energy, namely thieves and bandits. It's similar to fire. An advanced soul will use fire to light a stick of incense and offer a prayer, but a child, unaware of its potency, may end up burning down the house. It’s the same principle.

What follows are actual accounts from some of my clients for whom I prescribed wearing particular gemstones in accordance with their Vedic birth charts and the subsequent effects experienced by them.


  • Drew I got the moonstone as you suggested and after putting it on, I immediately felt more secure and sure of myself. I also became more open and receptive to thinking about things first before jumping into them. In other words, I became less reactive in nature.

    “I also got a moonstone for my eldest teenage daughter as you suggested. She quickly became more mellow and less aggressive toward me. She became far more easy to deal with and our relationship has improved significantly ever since. I was so struck with the effect of the moonstone on my eldest daughter that I immediately went out and bought another for my second daughter. Now peace reigns in our family. Thank you for the recommendation of the moonstone.
  • Famous Chef
  • Peridot

  • When I had my first reading with you, you advised the use of a peridot to help me 'communicate my own truth,’ and to more easily release negative energy as a preventative measure against illnesses that I might otherwise attract. What it helped me to do was to provide my parents with some direct feedback on how their behavior negatively affects me. I've also done the same with a sister that I'm particularly close to. There are other subtler occasions where I feel I'm communicating in a more complete sense.

    I know I wouldn't have taken those steps before wearing the stone, certainly not before my reading with you. The reading itself had such a dramatic influence on me that I'm not sure if my ring isn't just a visual reminder of that, keeping me reminded of my resolve to embrace the things we talked about that day. Anyway, I won't be taking off the peridot and I'm now working on having another stone set as well.

  • Bank Executive
  • Pearl

  • Almost immediately upon wearing the pearl, I began to soften in many areas of my life. I found it easier to let go of old emotions, to open my heart and go further into my pure feminine self. I have regained so much trust I had lost in the past.
  • Female Healer
  • Hessonite

  • I didn’t know what difficulties and lessons I was about to experience as I entered my Rahu period. I can say for a fact that I would not have been prepared for what was to come. The hessonite made me stronger, gave me more clarity and stabilized me throughout it all.
  • Business Manager
  • Pearl

  • I found that wearing the pearl was very soothing. I felt and became more feminine. It really softened me.
  • Female Meditation Teacher
  • Yellow Topaz

  • You recommended the yellow topaz to me because of my issues and fear around money. You gave me the analogy of my gripping money so tightly that it had the white knuckle effect of slipping through my fingers. I worked very hard on my job this year and subsequently made a lot of money. The bottom line is that I don't have the fear of losing everything like I used to. I even lost a huge account this year and breezed through it without stress, knowing that I would always have abundance and that more business would replace the account I had lost.

    “Currently, business is slow and my money stream has been cut by more than half. But I am still calm and confident that things will be fine, that business will pick up and that I will be hugely successful. I certainly believe that the pendant has a grounding effect on me that helps me feel calm in the face of what would have normally freaked me out to the point of a heart attack! I wear the pendant 24/7. I would not consider living without it.

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Yellow Topaz

  • Having worn the yellow topaz for two months or more I can tell you the following: I became more confident, assured and detached from old emotional issues. The specific problem we were trying to address was my relationship with my mother. I have let her go even more so now, and I am now beginning to say what I feel — no more gritting of my teeth.

    “I am certainly in a more secure place now, I feel very strong and more empowered. I now feel more ready to have a loving relationship, I no longer care what people think of me in any regard. I feel more confident of who I am than ever before.

    “My healing work for others is very strong now and results are quite quick. More serendipity has come into my life and some experiences are quiet brilliant. heart attack! I wear the pendant 24/7. I would not consider living without it.

  • Healing Practitioner
  • Red Coral

  • I found the most pronounced effect with red coral which I would describe as cleansing. I also seem to be more upbeat and confident with the gem on my person.
  • Male Accountant
  • Yellow Topaz

  • The reason you had prescribed the wearing of yellow topaz was because you were expecting my body’s blood sugar levels to destabilize and that I may become hypoglycemic. I began wearing the yellow topaz as directed and that has fortunately not come to pass! My legs used to be very painful at night and this condition seems to have improved as well.
  • Female Homemaker
  • Pearl

  • I seem to become calmer wearing the pearl. I wear it everyday. I like this gem very much.
  • Businessman
  • Yellow Sapphire

  • You recommended this stone for me in order to improve my job prospects. Within one month after putting it on, I found a new job. Overall, I found the effect of the gem to be subtle but noticeable.
  • Male Accountant
  • Green Emerald

  • You suggested I wear an emerald. After putting the ring on, my house sold immediately for a cash offer and my move to Tucson, Arizona went smoothly.
  • Female Sales Representative
  • Pearl

  • The pearl has brought me a sense of peace. I have worn it daily now for several years.
  • Female Banker
  • Yellow sapphire

  • I have noticed its effects over a period of about twelve months. I felt more able and willing to release old energies. It helped me to let go of old resentments and to look more positively at what each experience was meant to teach me. I became more willing to take responsibility for my life on all levels.
  • Attorney
  • Pearl

  • I have been wearing a pearl on your recommendation, mainly to release my tendency to be the victim/martyr. When I tune into the pearl, I feel like the stone brings to awareness my own light, the source of my being, which in turn has a clearing effect on my subconscious. It has me seeking, defining and integrating what feels like a lost or distant part of myself.
  • Female Healer
  • Yellow Topaz

  • The stone looks beautiful. The problem that we were trying to address was that I have the tendency to splay my energy, resources and money, and mismanage these things. Since wearing the topaz, I have found it easier to rein that tendency in and not feel overwhelmed by it.
  • Female Recording Artist
  • Red Coral

  • Wearing the red coral ring has brought me greater confidence and self-assurance. I get a lot more done now since I am much more active than passive, like I used to be. I also seem to have a lot more energy.
  • Therapist
  • Yellow Topaz

  • I started wearing the yellow topaz in my major Jupiter period a few years ago. The most significant thing that I remember about wearing it is what happened when I inadvertently stopped wearing it for about eighteen months. While I was wearing the topaz finances were always fine. I never had to worry about money. In fact my businesses were expanding rapidly.

    “I hit a period a few years back when my finances became very strained. I came under attack from lawsuits and at the same time my finances kept getting worse and worse. As I thought over the reason for being in this situation and what I could do to extricate myself from my turn of fate, I noticed that one of the things I was doing differently was that I wasn't wearing my topaz. Interestingly, after some thought I realized that I had taken it off many months before, coinciding almost to the month when my finances took a turn for the worse."

    “Needless to say, I have been wearing it ever since. Shortly after putting it on again, I became more motivated to make various changes in my life and in my finances. Since then, several areas of my life have gotten slowly and noticeably better. Much much better.

  • Businessman
  • Pearl

  • You told me to wear a pearl saying it would bring emotional issues to the surface that I needed to work on but at the same time, cool them down to a manageable level. I believe this worked for me because I seem to have been working on unresolved issues since we first met. Who knows? Maybe they would have been there anyway but I feel the cooling down enabled me to see and deal more rationally with each situation. I feel I am a very different person to the one you met nine years ago — less intense, calmer and much more philosophical. I guess I have a whole new slant on life and the pearl certainly helped me get here. I now see the trees and not just the forest.
  • Female Massage Therapist
  • Yellow Topaz and Yellow Citrine

  • The gem is working brilliantly and is just as beautiful as it is powerful. I am wearing the yellow topaz on my right index finger and I also bought a yellow citrine necklace. As soon as I put it on it felt right. It feels natural and meant to be. I have been wearing it for about three weeks and it has brought me further wealth. The night I came home with it, a man stopped by to pay me the $1,000.00 he owed me in cash. That same evening, I opened the mail to another $1,000.00 check from a friend. The next day two more checks arrived for $5,000.00 each. I could go on. I feel it will bring me even more wealth. Let’s just say it's been a nice December.

    “On a spiritual basis, I am more in touch with my soul and where it is supposed to go. It may lead to not getting married because almost everything inside of me says no about this current relationship. My inner guidance is getting stronger and stronger. As far as my dreams are concerned, I know I am in for a major change in my life. Where this takes me, I'm just going to rely on my spirit. Spiritually, it is bringing me back home to my safe spot, to soar.

  • Chiropractor
  • Green Emerald

  • Wearing the green emerald brought me greater discretion and discrimination. I felt it opened my heart and gave me a greater sense of ‘trueness.’ It taught me that it’s okay to be where I am in my life.
  • Teacher
  • <


  • Since I put on the ruby, I began to speak my truth without fear of ridicule. In the past, I would have cowed down and gone back into my little burrow and said nothing. But now I have the strength to speak my mind. It has helped me to win back my philandering husband. Our relationship of thirty-three years is better now than it has ever been before.
  • Film Editor
  • Pearl

  • I noticed a slight change within twenty-four hours of wearing the pearl. However, a significant change was noticed by myself (and others) after wearing the stone for five days. After I had worn the pearl around my neck it for a while, I felt more emotionally balanced than I had been before. Upon experimenting with it, I have noticed a difference. Within twelve hours of removing the stone from my neck, I tend to become less balanced and my temper flares more easily than while wearing it. The pearl has helped to calm me down. It is extremely helpful in my relationship in allowing me to be a somewhat kinder and gentler person toward my mate by enabling me to channel my emotion better.
  • Male Educator
  • Pearl is one of the gemstones I most often recommend to clients since so many people need to get more in touch with their feminine side in this male-dominated, ego-driven society in which we live. Pearl brings gentleness, balance, peace and compassion.

    A man went to the airport to catch a flight. As he was standing in line to check his bags, he happened to look down at the ring he was wearing. It was an aquamarine in a gold setting. It had been recommended to him to wear by a Vedic astrologer to calm his nerves and reduce his tendency to worry. He noticed that the stone was cracked. He took this as a sign or omen that something negative or inauspicious was about to take place in his life.

    He decided not to check in after all and subsequently, not to get on that particular plane. He decided that he would take another flight. As the original flight took off on schedule, the plane rose into the air and shortly thereafter, lost power and crashed. All on board were killed. He credited the stone with having given him the warning that he heeded and which subsequently, saved his life.

    As you can see by these testimonials from real clients, gems are useful, valuable and powerful in more ways than most people realize. These statements attest to the efficacy of wearing Vedic astrological gemstones prescribed in accordance with an individual’s karma determined from his or her birth chart.