Question Charts

Another effective area for success in business is Question Charts. People sometimes like to know how things are potentially going to work out. You want to know what's likely to happen if you go forward with a particular partnership or merger, start a new business, buy a particular property, acquire a business, expand your existing business, etc. You may need to decide which cities or locations would be most successful and profitable for a planned business expansion.

Question Charts

A chart is calculated for that time at which you submit your questions. Why is the moment that you ask the question important? Because it's a starting point, no different from the moment of your birth which outlines your entire life. In other words, it will show the potential outcome of your question. We have experienced tremendous success with this for many businesses including Fortune 500 companies over a period of thirty years.

You will need to give the date, time and place where you are actually located when you ask your questions.

It is offered only through email.

Cost: $50.00 US or 50 Euros for one question. You can ask up to 6 questions at a time. For example, two questions would be $100 or 3 questions would be $150.

Information required:

1. Your specific question. For example:

- Will a partnership with Apple Computer work out for our firm?

- What is the potential of having Sony as a business partner?

- Should our company acquire the property in Shanghai?

- What would be the potential of relocating to Los Angeles?

2. Date of your question

3. Time of your question, including a.m. or p.m.

4. Place you are at when asking your question (City or Town, State, Country)