Much has been written or suggested regarding recommendations of astrological birth stones and such birth stone recommendations are often printed in the back pages of yearly calendars. In 1912, many of the traditional gemstones used as birth stones were substituted for more commercially viable stones by the American National Jewelers Retail Association to suit their own commercial needs. If you are taking recommendations for your own birth stone from such a source, then you are being deceived and led astray.

Your true and accurate birth stone is based on the ancient Vedic astrological system dating back several thousand years. It may be worth pointing out that these stones and their planetary equivalents have never been altered or changed to suit a retail organization’s need to sell product. Essentially, there are two approaches in the Vedic system for determining one’s birth stone. They are as follows:

Sun Sign

This is the gem that corresponds to the Sun’s sign position at the time of your birth. Remember, this is the more accurate Vedic astrological calculation and not the inaccurate Western calculation, which you find in the newspaper under Horoscopes.

For example, if you are born between April 13th and May 13th, your Sun sign is Aries in the Vedic system and your birth stone would be Red Coral since Aries is governed by Mars. Although your accurate Sun sign is best determined through astrological calculation, it can be reasonably estimated using the following chart:

Sun Signs in Vedic Astrological Calculation

(Dates are approximate)

Birth Date Sun Sign Birth Stone

JAN 14 - FEB 11 Capricorn Blue Sapphire/Blue Tourmaline/Lapis Lazuli

FEB 12 - MAR 13 Aquarius Blue Sapphire/Blue Tourmaline/Lapis Lazuli

MAR 14 - APR 12 Pisces Yellow Sapphire/Yellow Topaz/Yellow Citrine

APR 13 - MAY 13 Aries Red Coral/Carnelian

MAY 14 - JUNE 14 Taurus Diamond/Zircon/White Topaz

JUNE 15 - JULY 15 Gemini Emerald/Aquamarine/Green Tourmaline/Peridot

JULY 16 - AUG 15 Cancer Pearl/Moonstone

AUG 16 - SEPT 15 Leo Ruby/Garnet

SEPT 16 - OCT 16 Virgo Emerald/Aquamarine/Green Tourmaline/Peridot

OCT 17 - NOV 15 Libra Diamond/Zircon/White Topaz

NOV 16 - DEC 14 Scorpio Red Coral/Carnelian

DEC 15 - JAN 13 Sagittarius Yellow Sapphire/Yellow Topaz/Yellow Citrine

Rising Sign or Ascendant

The second means which is the most important and valuable method of determining your true birth stone is the Ascendant, also known as the Rising Sign at the time of your birth. For example, if your Rising Sign is Virgo, then your birth stone would be Green Emerald. If your Ascendant is Aries, then your birth stone would be Red Coral. Your accurate Rising Sign can only be calculated and not approximated as is the case with the Sun Sign. The birth stone based on the Ascendant or Rising Sign is the one that I favor and recommend to my clients.