In many civilizations throughout the ages, gemstones have held a place of special value and importance. In the modern complex age of so-called medical marvels, we have lost touch with the protective value and efficacy of nature’s geological gifts in the form of precious and semi-precious stones. From ancient times, gems were not only worn as ornamental decoration but were widely used as charms, emblems, talismans and for medicinal purposes.

An ancient Vedic historical text known as the Kurma Purana which deals with the origins of the universe explains that gems are emanations from the white light when it is refracted into the seven spectral colors, the seven primary rays. Light is the necessary precursor for the beginning of all creation, According to the Old Testament of the Bible, creation began when God said, “Let there be light.” The Sun then, is the original source of light and creation. It is the logos of the solar system.

Another source states that the seven rays of the light spectrum emanate from the body of God Himself, who is commonly referred to as the Lord of the Universe. Therefore, these seven rays are actually of divine origin and they serve as energies of creation and preservation for all life within the universe. By means of these divine rays, the seven major planets receive their energy and nourishment, which, in turn, they pass on to us here on earth. Gemstones too, absorb energy from the various planets. These planetary rays can be drawn from the stones when they are worn on the body or when touched regularly by the hand or kept in close proximity in one’s environment, such as decorative stones displayed in the home. In actuality, how does this work?

These seven rays of light are the origin of all existence in the solar system, including the human body. When the molecular vibration of these seven rays of light is slowed down, the result is the formation of gross matter of varying gradations and consistencies. Light or light energy is the highest rate of vibration in the universe. When the vibration of light energy is slowed down, it begins to crystallize which means it turns into matter of various kinds. All matter is fundamentally light. We are in bodies. These bodies are light vibration slowed down. A human body vibrates at a much higher rate than a wooden table, for example, which is inanimate and has a very low rate of vibration.

Let’s take an example. When you lower the vibratory rate of water by cooling it, you get ice which is a solid and more dense than liquid. When you increase the vibratory rate of water by heating it, you get steam which is a gas and less dense than water. So when the vibratory rate of the seven rays of the light spectrum is slowed down in a similar manner, the result is the highest manifestation of light in the form of inanimate matter. And that is precious gemstones which are pure, concentrated light.

The seven rays or colors are transmitted by the seven major planets in accordance with the law of sevens. The law of sevens is a universal phenomenon that is present everywhere. Some examples are: the seven planets — Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn; the seven days of the week correspond to the seven planets respectively — Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday; also, the seven notes of the scale, the eighth note of the octave being a return to the tonic or primary note; and there are seven chakras or energy centers in the body. These are examples of the law of sevens.

The seven colors of the rainbow or the light spectrum which correspond to the seven planets are always found in the same order throughout the universe — red is the Sun’s ray, orange is the Moon’s ray, yellow is Mars's ray, green is Mercury’s ray, blue is Jupiter’s ray, indigo is Venus’s ray and violet is Saturn’s ray. On either end of the visible light spectrum, we find the invisible rays of infrared which is Ketu’s ray and ultraviolet which is Rahu’s ray.

Gems and the physical organism of the human being share some distinct similarities in their chemical makeup. Gems are crystallized manifestations of some of the same chemicals that are found in the human body. While their clarity makes them a pure source of energy, their unique electromagnetic field affects their environment in a very subtle manner; This electromagnetism can actually have a profound impact on the human organism.

Bringing gems into contact with the electromagnetic field of the body is accomplished most effectively by setting the stones in pure electrolytes such as gold, silver or even copper, all of which are wonderful energy conductors. The stones may be worn as pendants or as rings between two joints of the ring finger or other specific fingers, depending on the stone itself and the planet to which it is related. Joints are by nature an active part of the body. Here too, the network of nerve fibers and lymphatic fluids is highly concentrated. The nerves and lymphatic fluid together are especially effective in the assimilation of the energies radiated by the gems. This close proximity to the skin brings changes in body chemistry as the gems interact with the body’s complex electromagnetic energy field. Gemstones also have an ionizing effect on the human body which means they create a balance within and around the human organism.

Gems are able to work in harmony with both kinds of bodily energies, electrochemical and also the body’s life force known as prana in the Sanskrit language. To this end, they can be employed as jewelry or they can be taken orally as pastes or oxides. Such gem medicines are prescribed and prepared through the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine.

Ancient sources and sacred texts from around the world have recognized that gemstones emit powerful energies which are capable of influencing the fate and destiny of mankind. Effective use of selected gemstones can energize a person and produce positive consequences. They can also drive out negative energies which may result in physical sickness, psychological imbalance or emotional suffering. As carriers of the divine rays emanating from the body of God in His universal form, gems can deliver peace, prosperity and happiness. They can ease life’s difficulties and award their wearer with fame, good reputation, power, success and fulfillment.

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