1. Jan 9.2016 - Rahu enters Leo in conjunction with Jupiter

2. Jan 8 to May 9 - Jupiter travels backward in retrograde motion

3. Apr 7.2016 to Mar 27.2017 - The yearly karmic horoscope for all sovereign nations is set into motion

4. Jun 21.2016 - Jupiter reaches exact conjunction with Rahu in Leo

5. Aug 11.2016 - Jupiter exits Leo and is no longer in conjunction with Rahu

As Rahu backpedals out of out Virgo and into Leo to conjoin Jupiter on January 9, 2016, according to Vedic Astrological calculation, we can safely and historically predict another global financial reversal or meltdown on the horizon. The time frame for its occurrence is officially January 9, 2016 to March 27, 2017. However, its negative effects could well be felt for years to come. I accurately predicted the economic collapse back in 2009. And I am again officially warning people, particularly my clients and friends, now.

Regarding the dates listed above, it is likely to happen within the 15 month window written in bold letters in the above paragraph. Its severity is hard to pin down because there are so many factors involved and we are dealing with the economies of so many sovereign states and numerous currencies. How mild or how severe will it be? Hard to say. However, on the heels of the recent collapse in 2009, I’d say it may be rather intense. Note that Jupiter also travels in retrograde or backward motion beginning January 8 as listed in No 2. This only exacerbates the potential negative effect for the initial four month period of this prediction. On June 21, Jupiter reaches its point of exact conjunction with Rahu in the sky as shown in No 4. This could be a very powerful date of some type of major collapse of a bank, a country, or a currency. Further, it would be more prudent to consider this date including a two week window on either side as a gradual build up and decline to and from June 21. So, the intense period can then be considered from June 7 to July 5. [In fact, this was the time of the Brexit vote, when Great Britain voted to leave the European Union and has sent various markets into turmoil so this prediction proved accurate]

(Some astrologers would prefer to consider the entire period when Jupiter and Rahu occupy the same lunar constellation which in this case, is Purvaphalguni, and would be a much longer period of time than I am mentioning).

To begin with, let us look to our history, from a Vedic Astrological perspective. The yearly chart or horoscope of any country in the world can be calculated from the moment the Sun and Moon are in exact conjunction in the sky in the sign of Pisces. The latitude and longitude used is that of a particular nation’s capital. Why this specific moment? The conjunction of the Sun and Moon is an inception point or more correctly, a conception point when father Sun and mother Moon conceive the child who will symbolize the karmic reckoning for the coming year.

We will use the United States as our harbinger since what happens there is likely to affect the greatest number of people around the world. In 1929, the stock market crashed. This ushered in the so-called Great Depression. In the US Yearly Chart for 1929, we find Jupiter in conjunction with the North Node, Rahu, in the 8th house of the chart. Jupiter represents finances, cash flow, money, economy, etc. When Rahu and Jupiter are together, it is a yoga or planetary combination for bankruptcy. Rahu’s gathering gloom of ruin, collapse and karmic retribution threw its dark shadow on the path of economic progress. The 8th house of the nation’s chart represents failure, undoing, reversal, and sabotage.

In the USA’s Yearly Chart of 1987, Rahu again confronted Jupiter in a dark alley, this time in the 12th house, and made him pay the ultimate price once again. This assault resulted in Black Monday and the markets crashed yet again. The 12th house represents loss, mismanagement and theft.

In the Yearly horoscopes of 2009, the world headed toward an economic reversal, the likes of which have never been experienced before. The official date of that yearly horoscope’s inception was March 26, 2009. In the US astrological chart, Jupiter, representing finance and economics, was situated in his sign of debilitation, Capricorn, in the 8th house of failure and reversal. And right nearby, also in Capricorn, was his old nemesis, Rahu. This was exactly the conjunction that took place in 1929 but this one was worse since Jupiter was at his weakest disposition in Capricorn. How many banks, investment houses, corporations, property developers, speculators, and nations went bankrupt or out of business permanently is anyone’s guess. But we all remember the economic collapse that has lasted many years!

Jupiter will go into retrograde or backward motion from January 8th until May 9 2016, for four months. This may result in an increase of economic and financial woes during this particular four month period.

The Likely Effects for the US

Since Jupiter and Rahu are in the 5th house of the US Yearly Chart, we can expect an upheaval in the stock market and in public investment. The planet ruling the 5th house, the Sun, is in the 12th house indicating significant losses or decrease in the overall value of the market. In the past year, twenty major investment markets world-wide have fallen dramatically and Commodities markets have crashed. Saturn with Mars in the 8th house points to a diminution of the democratic state and the greater establishment of the so-called security or police state. There may be an outbreak of a disease epidemic. Mass deaths and tragedies including continued terrorist attacks are also predicted. Further, there is an indication in the Yearly Chart for 2016 that the president could be killed in an accident or perhaps be assassinated through subterfuge. This does not bode well for the incoming president.

The Likely Effects for the European Union

The EU Yearly chart is calculated for Brussels, Belgium, the seat of its government. Here we find Jupiter and Rahu together in the second house of the chart. This house represents all things financial. It indicates financial reversal, a loss of value or worse in the Euro currency, heavy losses in the stock markets, a fall in international trade, expenditures outweighing income, and more banks closing their doors. Also indicated are riots, rebellions and further terrorist attacks. With the influx of refugees from the Middle East and Asia, this is hardly surprising. The good news is that the Yearly Chart in the EU does not look as bad as that of the US.

Let us examine the underlying malaise that is contributing to the coming collapse. The US, as well as many other countries around the world (and not just Western countries), are embroiled in materialism. They live to shop, spend, acquire and consume. This is further encouraged by the government itself and certainly by the advertising and marketing agencies. If you want to know the goals and objectives of a society and its people, just look at its ads and billboards.

The largest and tallest buildings being built throughout the world are a testament to materialism — big corporations, banks, insurance companies, oil companies, sports stadiums, etc. In ancient times, they were temples, cathedrals and churches built as a tribute to God, for the purification and salvation of the people. In any major city, the skyscrapers are a tribute to the profits of oil gougers, insurance companies who bend over backwards to avoid paying claims, and banks who have now entered into the non-conservative businesses of gambling and speculating, using other people’s money and have clearly lost control due to greed. It is one thing to protect money with wise investments with a desire to make it grow and expand. It is another thing entirely when the infectious virus of greed takes over. Self-undoing is sure to follow. And yet again historically, if we do not learn from our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. Other contributors to the existing chaos over recent years are corrupt clergy, churches and religions, corrupt political leaders, corrupt business leaders, and corrupt accounting firms.

Since the last crash in 2008-2009, the US has decided to solve its economic woes by printing money. Do I refer to dollars based on a gold standard or some standard of concrete value? No, on thin air! If you or I printed money in our basement, they would arrest us and throw us into jail for counterfeiting. But not the US government. They will not go to jail — they will go into yet another economic collapse instead. When I made these predictions in 2009, the US federal debt was 3 trillion dollars. Seems like a lot, right? But at the time of this writing, it is now 19 trillion dollars. Let’s print more money!

As it stands right now, the US is the most bankrupt country in history. If you consider the entire burden of outstanding debt in the US, each person owes approximately a quarter of a million dollars. It is only a question of time before the reactions to such illusory and irresponsible actions catch up. Such is the nature of karma.

So-called investors and speculators are allowed by law to gamble and speculate on the very staples and commodities that people depend on to sustain their day to day lives, such as oil, electricity and food crops. They have also historically manipulated the markets and created shortages of these necessary products and have also succeeded in artificially driving up the price of such commodities. Further, there are alternative technologies which have been available even since the 1950’s that have been repressed by big corporations in order to control and monopolize the markets for fuel and energy, while denying they are polluting and destroying Mother Earth. The increase of plagues, pestilence, droughts, famine, wars, earthquakes and natural disasters is clearly a backlash of our collective negative karma for actions that are devoid of spiritual awareness and conscious stewardship of our planet.

Governments (the people) of many countries have been called upon to bail out these banks, investment houses and developers. This is like paying off the bad debts of a gambling addict and then giving him a large financial cash infusion, a bailout, so that he can begin his nonsense all over again! And saddling innocent people, the citizens, with untenable debts they did not create for years to come is patently unforgivable. We are too dependent on a system that continues to mislead and fail us. We need to take more responsibility for our own lives and well-being. It is becoming increasingly dangerous to depend on devious government or political systems enslaved by profit and greed that do not serve the people.

The sooner we free ourselves from such manipulators, the better. When was the last time you pulled your food out of the ground, washed the rich earth from it and then lovingly prepared a meal? It is time to start seriously thinking about growing your own food, my friends, if you haven’t already. Try to be as independent as you can as soon as you can.

This collapse is long overdue. We can pray that a healthy and balanced restoration and renewal will come out of all this — a return to spiritual values and human virtue. If I am wrong about this prediction, then wonderful. But I am not the only one predicting such a thing. Others, using their own methods of prediction, particularly financial pundits, are saying the same thing. We won’t have long to wait to find out.

What steps should you take? It is probably best to get out of the stock market entirely — the roulette wheel of investment. Invest in land, gold, precious metals and precious gemstones. This is real wealth in all times of crisis and it is inflation proof. Perhaps even put some money into bitcoin. Get rid of US dollars and buy gold or perhaps selected foreign currencies, such as Swiss francs. If you own land, grow food and drill a well so you can have your own water supply if possible. Drive an alternative fuel vehicle. Remember, they are trying to keep you dependent on them. And look at the result. It is time for us to become as independent as possible.

Try to look at this as a much overdue correction. In many ways, our world appears to be spiraling out of control. Let us hope we can make this correction for the greater benefit of all. Also bear in mind, these are cycles and which come and go. After collapse comes renewal. After winter comes the spring.

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