Many people are concerned about the safety and security of our mother, Planet Earth. Various predictions and prophecies are being bandied about regarding the well being of our planet in these uncertain times. Will she shift on her axis? Will her poles trade positions? Will she fall from her orbit? Sun flares, the rogue planet Nibiru, and most importantly our own precipitous and negligent behaviors may well dislodge our mother from her resting place!

While we can’t control solar flares and rogue planets or comets, we can exercise some influence over our own behavior. As judged by the current predicament of our world, ecologically and financially speaking, we have done a dismal job of managing things. Far-sighted is the last term that comes to mind when observing our current predicament. Short-sighted or effectively blind may come closer to the truth with regard to the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

For example, although we now have various technologies that are available to us as alternative fuel sources to run our vehicles and heat our homes, such as plant oils, solar power, electricity and even H2O, still we remain victimized by our fossil fuel consumption. Gouging oil companies who drive up the price at the first indication of political unrest, thirsty desert-based oil cartels, regimes headed by fanatical tyrants, and religious zealots who believe that death by beheading is the best way to quell the first sign of dissension are the people that control the trafficking of our worldwide addiction to oil.

If we continue to drain our Mother, the Earth, of her life blood in the form of oil, we may be in for more than simply the depletion of an energy resource. According to an historical account found in the Vedas* (India’s ancient authority on universal genesis), even greater dire consequences may be in store.

Let us begin with a little clarification. In Vedic understanding, there are two opposing forces in the universe that are reflected in the world of duality in which we live. Duality means rich/poor, black/white, right/wrong, greedy/charitable, good/evil, etc. These are the opposing forces. There is a constant struggle going on between these opposing forces for dominance in our world and each may gain the upper hand at different times.

The Suras are beings of greater consciousness and awareness. They are concerned with the welfare and well being of all living entities — humans and animals. In other words, they tend to be influenced more by spirit or Higher Self. The Asuras are beings who act out of self-interest, greed, and manipulation. They don’t really care about the well being of others. They only care about their own desires and the expansion of their control over others at any cost. In other words, they tend to be influenced more by ego.

The ego operates in an atmosphere of arrogance, superiority, condescension and self-interest. This ‘self-interest’ is sometimes but not always expanded outward to familial, racial, cultural or national interest. Recently, we have seen the Asuras on the ascendant in the form of bankers, Wall Street executives, land and property developers, financiers, politicians, dictators, union leaders and the global cartel of the wealthy elite.

Those with genuine spiritual vision, the Suras, do not see with the eyes of dichotomy and differentiation. In an atmosphere of humility and generosity, the greater benefit of all God’s children is always placed above individual and group interests. There is no us against them as the ego typically sees things. There is only all of us together when seeing through the eyes of the soul.

Citing an ancient Vedic history, AC Bhaktivedanta points out in the Bhagavat Purana that the planets float as weightless spheres in the air only under certain conditions. And as soon as these conditions are disturbed, the planets may fall down into the Garbhodak or Womb Ocean which covers the bottom half of the universe. The other half of the universe is the spherical dome within which the innumerable planetary systems exist. The floating of the planets in a state of weightlessness is due to the inner constitution of the spheres. The fairly recent global drilling of the Earth (mid 19th century) to exploit oil from within her is a dangerous disturbance by these modern-day Asuras and can result in a greatly harmful reaction to the floating condition of the earth. A similar disturbance was created many millennia ago in the Satya-yuga, the first epoch in the measurement of universal time, by a powerful Asura who mined all the gold out of the earth. As a result of the Earth being raped of her gold, she was dislodged from her orbit and fell down into the Garbhodak Ocean. At that time, it is explained that God Himself took the incarnation of Varaha and lifted the Earth from the bottom of the Womb Ocean (as only God can do) and safely reinstated her back into her orbit.

So it appears from this historical event that it is indeed possible that the Earth’s orbit may well be compromised by our relentless draining of her life blood in the form of fossil fuels and we may witness her shift on her axis, her poles trading positions, or even her falling from her orbit. Rational people may wonder how reasonable this theory may be? If you drain any one element out of an eco-system or a functioning biological entity, such as a person or the earth, then it will create an imbalance and cause various consequences. For example, if you remove all the calcium from a human being, then the bones, teeth, nails, etc., will break down and atrophy. What will happen when all the oil has been drained from the earth? We may find out sooner rather than later!

We should also take this very important lesson from this well known Vedic story. We are never alone. God is always with us through our prayers, meditations and devotions. And God will ultimately protect us from all danger. That does not mean that we won’t experience difficulties and negative karmic circumstances in our lives and our world because we will. But our ultimate shelter and protection is God himself and He will always be there for us.

Unless more of us become Suras and behave like enlightened souls rather than Asuras motivated by maniacal egos, we will drive our world into deeper degrees of desperation. It is we alone who are creating these circumstances in our lives. So, the closer we get to God or Spirit and the more we become god-like, the less we will live in fear and the less inclined we will be toward self-destruction and the decimation of our mother, the Earth.


*Some people, particularly Western scientists and historians, claim that the stories and assertions found in the Vedas are all the stuff of myth and legend. But these claims are false. The information provided by the ancient Vedas is true, accurate and has an historical basis. Modern-day scientists and historians put forth flimsy theories based on their own fanciful speculations and then declare them to be fact. They then publish them in text books and force feed them to naïve and unwitting students in universities who must assimilate them in order to pass their courses. Such is contemporary education. Veda means knowledge or science in the Sanskrit language. In fact, all the sciences can be found in the Vedas, and not just the spiritual and esoteric teachings that most people equate with the Vedas.

To prove my point about the Vedas being accurate historical treatises, it is mentioned that Krishna, an avatar or incarnation of God on earth, appeared in India some 5,000 years ago. He built a walled city on an island right off the west coast of modern day Gujarat in the town of Dwaraka. Around the time he left the planet, he caused that city to be sunk into the sea using His mystical power. Recent underwater excavations have found the remains of that city right off the coast of Dwaraka — exactly where the Vedas said it was built. It has been completely submerged exactly as mentioned in the Vedic history.

When Ram, another incarnation of God, appeared on earth many millennia ago, he solicited the help of Vanaras, beings with human and superhuman capacities and monkey-like bodies. Together, they built a floating bridge made of huge rocks from South India to Shri Lanka. Impossible, right? Fanciful, is it not? Modern day satellite photos confirm that this same bridge in the exact location mentioned in the Vedas lies under the sea from South India to Shri Lanka and can only be seen by satellite photography. There are many more examples but it is not really my purpose to convince the skeptics. My true purpose is to enlighten the receptive souls.