The Imprint of Sex Act

You’ve heard that your body is a temple. Now find out what happens when the doors are thrown open to men who do not appreciate you. Most DNA donors would be best kept far away from your temple.


What happens when the semen of the male and the sexual fluid of the female come together to produce a powerful creative reaction? These two fertile substances, when united, actually have the power to generate a complete, separate and individual consciousness or being. It is similar to catalyzing oxygen with a spark. It produces fire which generates light and heat.

The promise of the future evolution of the species as well as its historical past is carried in the genes and chromosomes that come together in the union of sperm and ovum. If it were merely a means of simple duplication or cloning of the race or species, we would find little evidence of evolution or growth in the race as a whole. People would either stagnate or they would waste away due to ordinary physical dis-integration through the relentless pulling down by the gravitational principle.

But since a greater purpose is meant to be served by this union of the creative fluids, one is only acting in harmony with it when one seeks to unite with a partner of the opposite sex who is a suitable candidate for the evolutionary expansion of being and thereby, consciousness. This may occur in two ways — simply for the benefit of the couple themselves and the expansion of their consciousness as a whole. Or secondly, for the reproduction of offspring through the synthesis of their collective energies. Or it may serve these dual purposes simultaneously. Let us remember that it is incumbent upon us to enhance and evolve the race by producing offspring whose generation will be a distinct improvement over the former generation and so on and so on, ad infinitum.

According to yoga and tantra, sexual and erotic activity is not simply a function of spending oneself and relieving built-up tension. It is for the higher purpose of experiencing an ecstatic state of being which takes one beyond the pale of mundane and routine existence and delivers one into the enfolding arms of the transcendental. Its subsequent byproduct is the unfolding of consciousness. But this cannot take place without first establishing a single-minded yoga or union between the two lovers. Only then can their shared orgasm become a cosmic or spiritual experience. If this is the ideal which true sexual union can offer, then indiscriminately inviting unqualified or parasitic men to deposit a piece of themselves in your most sacred space must be its opposite.

In yoga and tantra philosophy, this unfolding of consciousness is symbolized by the kundalini-shakti or serpent energy coiling its way up the spine through the seven chakras or energy centers. Does this symbol not bear a striking resemblance to the DNA helix? (Please see illustrations below)

Kundalini and DNA:coming soon

As the kundalini-shakti or serpent energy, which brings enlightenment, travels up the spine, it activates the seven chakras or energy centers within the body. When it awakens in the first chakra located at the base of the spine, the revelation which occurs is simply, “I am,” or “I exist.” As it moves upward and stimulates the second chakra located in the reproductive area, the realization that takes place is, “I feel,” or “I need.” When it rises up to the third chakra situated in the solar plexus, the awareness that occurs is, “I must act,” or “I must accomplish.” Moving up to the fourth chakra in the heart, the kundalini-shakti now shifts into the first level of true enlightenment beyond that of human consciousness with the insight “I love for the sake of loving.” It then moves upward to the fifth chakra located in the throat with the recognition and vow of “I only speak the truth.” The kundalini-shakti then winds its way upward like its DNA counterpart to the sixth chakra situated between the eyes and commonly known as the third eye and bestows the revelation of “I know,” or “I understand.” It then culminates at the seventh or crown chakra, the thousand-petalled lotus located at the top of the head with the epiphany of “I am,” once again. But this time, it is with the full realization of the Self and one’s true spiritual nature and identity. “I am spirit.” “I am a divine being.”

Please note that people who exist within the first three levels of consciousness or chakras 1-3 are experiencing only human awareness and human limitation. This is the vast majority of people. Theirs is a very subjective point of view based on self-interest. Strictly speaking, the emotions and feelings that the average person refers to actually take place in the second chakra and not in the fourth or heart chakra. For, once a person’s understanding rises up into the heart chakra, the love and emotion he then feels is for the needs of humanity, not just self and loved ones. It is an all-encompassing feeling of compassion, empathy and unconditional love toward all beings that awakens at this stage of the kundalini’s upward progress.

In the act of intercourse, the male deposits one or two things in the female. Physically, without the use of a condom, a man will usually inject his semen deep into the body of the woman. The semen carries within it DNA imprinting which encodes the various strengths, weaknesses, susceptibility to disease, longevity and personal temperament of the man in question. If the man is, shall we say, less than desirable as a mate, then his less than desirable traits will be communicated genetically into the matrix of the female, whether or not she becomes pregnant with his offspring. Further, imagine this DNA imprinting taking place numerous times with numerous men with varying backgrounds, some with objectionable character traits or various other weaknesses. At the very least, a cacophonous, conflicting communication is occurring at the most fundamental level of her being. It is like a room full of people all talking at once and trying to be heard. What kind of effect do you imagine this is having within the female in the most rudimentary foundations of her being? Over time, these negative energies will systematically break down the integrity and cohesion of the woman’s physical matrix. In other words, they will cause her to degenerate or simply, to fall apart. This does put forth a rather powerful argument for celibacy unless one is with the man of choice, the true mate, the man who is vibrating on the same level of integrity.

Secondly, even if the semen is not deposited into the female in the case of a man wearing a condom, there is still a very powerful deposit of his energy, which also carries his stamp, his mark, and his vibration. As a woman, have you noticed the powerful energy release a man has when he rises to orgasm within you? Not only is it a release of his fundamental creative energy or libido, it is also the release of pent-up energies, such as tension, stress, frustration, creative blocks, personal rejection, vengeance, and the like. Take a look at a woman who has spent a significant part of her life working as a prostitute. The DNA deposits from the cast of characters whom she has slept with have generally left a rather obvious imprint on her physical appearance. The only real protection against these negative energies would be the powerful buffer of love between the consenting partners, which has the uncanny ability to absorb such negativity and transmute it, thus providing a genuine release as well as taking away the sting of such energies. The following story found in Vedic or yoga philosophical literature illustrates a level of consciousness and creative potency perhaps worth emulating.

The Story of Shiva’s Semen Part I

According to yoga philosophy, Shiva is one of the distinguished trinity of Brahma, the creator of the universal creation, Vishnu, the maintainer of the universal creation, and Shiva, the destroyer of the universal creation. He is an extremely elevated being and is dedicated to the upliftment and enlightenment of all. Because Shiva performed difficult tapas or austerities and asceticism for many years, which included celibacy, his creative energy became very powerful. Not only could he instantly manifest whatever he wished for, but his semen, the very essence of creativity, had the power to produce a singularly extraordinary living being through conception and childbirth. When Shiva and his wife, Parvati, would make love, the universe itself would tremble and the cosmos would quake. The lesser gods who manage universal affairs were concerned that if a child was born to Shiva and Parvati, such a being may be a threat to their very supremacy within the universe. These devas or gods are generally concerned with the overall welfare of the universe but they tend to stumble over their own inflated sense of self-importance from time to time, much like the rest of us. Subsequently, the gods conspired to interrupt the sexual union of Shiva and Parvati just at the most critical moment of Shiva’s climax. As a result, Shiva began to ejaculate outside of Parvati instead of within her.

The meddlesome gods tried to contain Shiva’s sperm in a suitable container so that it didn’t spill on the ground. But because it was so fiery and potent, it gradually burned through each successive container until they finally contained it in the sacred Ganges River, which was able to hold its potency. There it was incubated and after time, Karttikeya, the god of war and weaponry, was born from it. Later, Karttikeya defeated a terrible and destructive demon named Taraka and saved the universe from his threat. Indeed, a powerful being was born from the union of Shiva and Parvati but he did not turn out to be their nemesis as the gods had thought but in actuality, he became their savior. Shiva was such a magnanimous being that despite being interfered with by the gods during this most intimate occasion of lovemaking, their arrogant offense still inexplicably became a benefit for all.

The vast majority of we mere mortal men may not be able to produce offspring on the level of a godly being or savior of the heavenly worlds like Shiva. But ladies, isn’t it worth attracting a man whose DNA and level of consciousness will have a favorable impact as opposed to an unfavorable impact on the world around him — what to speak of on your own cellular matrix?

There are numerous examples of women mating with alcoholics and producing alcoholic children, women having intercourse with criminals and producing delinquent offspring, women having sex with abusive men and giving birth to violent progeny and women being impregnated by rapists and then birthing the next generation of rapists. These are obvious physical manifestations of negative DNA imprinting. The subtle effects are less perceptible but can be even more devastating.

I have seen many female clients who are the victims of sexual abuse in childhood by a parent, a neighbor, a sibling, a grandparent, a parent’s employer or a priest. And one woman in particular was sexually abused by every family member including both parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and a grandfather. Many of these abused women developed complications or diseases centered around the female reproductive area, such as fibroids, tumors, cancers, hysterectomies, genital warts, and even bowel and colon problems. Now, these complications were not necessarily from DNA imprinting per se but the correlation is similar from the perspective of the deep scarring and wounding of the emotional and subtle bodies. If steps are not taken to heal these emotional wounds, then more often than not they will result in some of the aforementioned difficulties or diseases.

The Story of Shiva’s Semen Part II

There is also another entertaining story in which Shiva becomes completely enamored and seduced by Mohini, the female incarnation of Vishnu or God Himself. Upon meeting Mohini, Shiva is so struck by her beauty that he completely ‘loses it,’ and shamelessly goes after her in front of his own wife, Parvati. This demonstrates Vishnu’s irresistible power of maya or illusion, which causes all beings to become enthralled by the material nature, completely forgetting their true spiritual identity. When the wind disrobes Mohini’s nubile body, Shiva pursues her, seeking sexual satisfaction. Though he catches up with her repeatedly, she keeps slipping away until Shiva can no longer contain himself and releases his semen which falls upon the earth, creating silver mines and gold mines wherever it lands. Can you imagine the power of such creative potency? I think most men would have to be content with making the grass grow!

It is understood in many systems of mysticism that gold is a masculine metal and silver a feminine metal. Wearing gold on the body or ingesting it according to methods prescribed by Ayurvedic medicine, enhances the life force, gives vitality and strength, bestows motivation and determination, enhances one’s leadership ability, overcomes inertia or stagnation, and increases a male’s sexual potency. Silver, on the other hand, increases one’s compassion, sensitivity and understanding. It makes one more receptive and open. It calms and soothes the nerves. It reduces passions and curbs appetites, and increases a female’s sexual potency. It is interesting to note that Shiva’s semen produced a perfect balance between the two energies of male and female as is indicated by the gold and silver mines, respectively. This is what we must strive for whether we are female or male — a perfect balance between the prakriti and purusha, the yin and the yang, the feminine and masculine energies.

Abstinence and celibacy are worth pursuing for many reasons. For men, spending the sexual fluid reduces health, vitality, strength and life span. It invites disease and old age. The old joke about masturbation leading to blindness is partly true. It may weaken the power of the eyesight over time. Have you noticed that most of the older men in our society wear bifocals or varifocals? If semen is not spent for long periods of time, it transforms itself and is raised up to the brain where it increases the mental, psychological and mystical power, according to yoga philosophy. Celibacy or redirection of the sexual potency when followed in conjunction with yoga and meditation will also reduce our animal-like appetite for sex that sometimes results in forcefulness or even rape in order to satisfy sexual demands. Abstinence and celibacy establish control over the self. And without control over the self, how can you possibly think that you will have control over your life? Elsewhere in the Vedas it is said, “ One who eats only to maintain life, who copulates only to obtain offspring and who speaks only to utter the truth escapes many difficulties in life.” This may be too much to ask of the average person but it is certainly a direction worth pursuing.

Intimacy or sexual intimacy is an extremely powerful experience. To regard it or to live it casually will inevitably take its toll. You will be made to pay the price. In reality, there is no such thing as casual sex in terms of the effect it has on the emotions and the psyche. Typically, this effect is felt more by women than by men for the reasons given above. But, nonetheless, it also has its effect on men. It is like taking your most precious possession and throwing it away or giving it to someone whom you know does not deserve it or cannot appreciate it. So remember, think twice before you cast your sacred pearls among the swine or sleep with someone who doesn’t share your dreams.