By Drew Lawrence

1. Rogue, Human or Sage — the Choice is Yours

Find out the true nature of the people who surround you as well as how others see you. Is your life or career on a downward spiral, a holding pattern or in forward motion?

2. Finding Your Life Purpose

Until you know what you’ve come here for and actually begin to do it, it is difficult to find fulfillment. Drew Lawrence will help you discover your purpose and assist you in removing the obstacles that stand in your way.

3. Unlocking Your Hidden Beliefs

If “seeing is believing,” then it ought to be important to truly see what you really believe — what lies hidden within your subconscious mind. In this seminar, you will experience the transformative power of Guided Healing Meditation, a revolutionary technique that draws upon an ancient and powerful method of meditation that has changed the lives of thousands. It will show you how the mind works, how to get in touch with your hidden beliefs and limitations, enable you to break through blocks, fears and inhibitions, release negative behavior patterns, and receive accurate intuitions and visions. Accessing the deepest part of your being through the Guided Healing Meditation method, you will begin to build the bridge of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind and familiarize yourself with the images and symbols which will unlock your past, present and future.

4. The High Road to Success

Indian maharajas or kings possessed fabulous wealth, widely celebrated reigns and long-held power. The people who lived under these kings were prosperous, virtuous and fulfilled. Drew Lawrence reveals a few of their closely guarded secrets which are sure to aid you in the expansion of your own happy kingdom.

5. Expanding Your Influence

Getting people to do what you want them to do is the easiest thing in the world when you know how to do it. But getting them to thank you for it is the sign of true mastery.

6. Rising in Love

Drew Lawrence will examine the common practice of falling in love with the purpose of illuminating the rarely considered option of “Rising in Love.” He will point out the importance and purpose of the masculine and feminine roles in relationship and their dynamic interaction. And he will show you an easy and accurate method to determine your relationship compatibility with anyone.

7. How to Recognize True Leadership

There are only three roles available on the stage of life — victim, victimizer and victor. The vast majority of people are caught up in the dynamic of victim and victimizer. A victor is a true leader because he lets no one victimize him and he victimizes no one. We will discover how to recognize the qualities of the victor or true leader.